Ground Tungsten Rod

Ground tungsten rod is a type of tungsten rod, whose surface is ground.

The tungsten rod of ground surface has the characteristics of uniform internal structure, fine grain size, good wear resistance, high hardness, high melting point, high density, high temperature resistance, good processing performance, no surface cracks, no burrs and no obvious oxidation phenomenon. Therefore, it can be used to manufacture tungsten wire, tungsten cathode, tungsten anode, tungsten electrode, outgoing line and bracket.ground tungsten rod Chinatungsten picture
Grounding process can be carried out one time or several times until the surface of the workpiece is ground according to the surface condition and quality requirements of the parts. So, macro defects on the surface of the parts such as burrs, corrosion, scratches, welds, overlaps, blisters, scales are removed to improve the flatness and electroplating quality of parts. The grounding effect mainly depends on the characteristics and quality of the abrasive materials, the rigidity of the ground wheel, and the rotation speed of the axle.

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