Tungsten Bolt

Tungsten bolt, the combination of the head and threaded rod, is a form of threaded fastener with an external male thread. Usually, it is used with tungsten nut.

Tungsten bolt has high temperature resistance so that it is a very important bolt for high temperature furnace, sintering furnace and other high-temperature environments. It has different standards, such as American, British, and so on. The choosing of the standard should be in accordance with their match machines.tungsten bolt picture
Tungsten bolt is widely applied in daily life and industrial production. And therefore it is called "rice in industry". Tungsten bolts are widely used in electronic products, digital products, mechanical products, electrical equipment, ships, vehicles, water conservancy projects, and even chemical experiments. Specific examples are shown as bellow:
1. General bolts, for televisions, musical instruments, and furniture, etc.
2. Micro-bolts, for DVDs, cameras, eyeglasses, watches, etc.
3. Large bolts, for engineering, construction, and bridge, etc.
4. Large and small bolts, for vehicles such as airplanes, automobiles, and so on.

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