Tungsten Alloy Rod

Tungsten Alloy Tip 286

Tungsten alloy tip has excellent performance and is an ideal counterweight. It is widely used in the field of transportation tools, military industry and precision instrument manufacturing. Characteristic The small size and large specific gravity of tungsten alloy tip has the advantages of non-toxic, non-polluting and good wear resistance. Applications Tungsten alloy tip can be used as counterweights for racing cars, boats, speedboats, sailing boats, airplanes, rockets, tanks, etc. Tungsten alloy tip can be used in pitch control systems in…

Tungsten Alloy Cylinder 355

The production process of tungsten alloy cylinder is simple and easy to process. It is widely used in the automotive and military industries. It can also be used as a mold and various weights. Characteristic Since tungsten alloy cylinder has a simple production process and is easily reworkable. It is more popular than tungsten rod. After pressing, the tungsten alloy cylinder is easy to form and easy to process, while pure tungsten is brittle and not easily formed. Applications Tungsten…

Tungsten Alloy Rod 292

Tungsten alloy rod has a smooth surface and excellent characteristics, which is widely used in weighted parts, radiation shields, military products, welding rods, molds, sporting goods. Characteristic Tungsten alloy rod is small in volume, high in melting point and high in density. It has extremely high hardness, tensile strength and elongation, as well as good wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Preparation The production process of the tungsten alloy rod is to first mix and press the tungsten powder with…

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