Tungsten Oxide

Hexagonal Tungsten Trioxide 250

Hexagonal tungsten trioxide has prospect application in cathode material and chargeable lithium ion battery. Hexagonal WO3 is metastable state phase. Its producing method is mild. It can be made by hydrothermal method, using sodium tungstate and hydrochloric acid as raw…

Orthorhombic Phase Tungsten Trioxide 264

Orthorhombic phase tungsten trioxide, i.e. tungsten trioxide with orthorhombic phase (WO3), can be prepared by hydrothermal synthesis (using different precursors and regulators, under the conditions of suitable temperature, concentration and pH). According to simple chemical stoichiometric ratio, W:O is 1:3,…

Tungsten Trioxide 259

Tungsten trioxide, also known as WO3, tungsten oxide or tungstic anhydride, is mainly applied to produce tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder. And then the two kind of powder are used to produce all kinds of pure tungsten products (such…

Tungsten Dioxide 454

Tungsten dioxide is also known as brown tungsten oxide, which is named as it appears as brown monoclinic system crystalline powder. It is the chemical compound with the formula WO2, a density of 10.82~11.05g/cm³. CAS No. is 12036-22-5. WO2 is…

Tungsten Oxide 245

Tungsten oxide, a kind of yellow orthorhombic crystal, is insoluble in water and acid (except HF), but, slowly dissolves in concentrated alkali solution. Tungsten oxide, a kind of tungstic anhydride, is obtained as an intermediate in the recovery of tungsten…

What Is Ammonium Paratungstate 2,212

What is ammonium paratungstate? Ammonium paratungstate is white crystalline of flake or needle shape, it is short for APT. Chemical formula: H8N2O4W Molecular Weight: 283.9145 EINECS: 234-364-9 CAS No.: 14311-52-5 According to different crystalline condition, its chemical formula has different…

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