Factors of Tungsten Copper Alloy Uniformity
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Factors of Tungsten Copper Alloy Uniformity

The main factors of tungsten copper alloy uniformity are the followings:

1. Raw materials factors: In terms of tungsten copper alloy uniformity, It can obtain delicate tissue structures if choosing the fine tungsten powder. For tungsten copper alloy which having the same composition, the raw tungsten powder is finer,the tungsten grain size of tungsten copper alloy is smaller and distribute more uniform.But the possibility of appearing the obturators and the defects will extend. The larger the tungsten powder particle size is, the greater the inter-particle porosity will be.The distributed uniformly and connectivity of tungsten particles of tungsten copper alloy also reduced,however, the obturator decreased comparatively.

2.Manufacturing process factors:
(1) Using traditional mixed with gum - powder process would cause the powder mixed unevenly,the compacts ingredient uneven, skeleton consisted unevenly due to the great diffrences of density between tungsten and copper.Beside these,the inappropriate degumming would cause more pores and holes,then make the uniformity of tungsten copper alloy worse.
(2) Plating copper method of adding induced copper: Its essence is to pre-uniform the tungsten powder and copper powder, then avoid the direct contact with the tungsten particles during pressing and sintering process, reduce the sintering obturator causing by premature contacts between tungsten powder particles. During sintering process,copper vapor escapes slowly from the compacts(while causing a partial loss),that can keep the tungsten skeleton pores unobstructed, reduce the generation of obturators,obtain a uniformity skeleton and ensure  the uniformity of tungsten copper alloy after infiltrating copper.
(3) The addition of stearate forming agent, due to the low temperature cracking stearate, no residue, largely improving the uniformity of the final product organization.

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