Tungsten Copper Dissimilar Metals Diffusion Bonding Method
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Tungsten Copper Dissimilar Metals Diffusion Bonding Method

Welding the dissimilar metallic materials refers to weld the different chemical composition and organization properties of two or more metals into members which were designed and required under a certain conditions,and make sure the joints to meet the predetermined service requirements. New materilas have come into being in our lifes with the development of technology,making us to encounter some connection problems of the same or dissimilar materials.When connecting these materials,it’s too difficult to achieve if we still using the traditional welding methods,such as tungsten copper.And now,we need to not only connect the metals,but also non-metals,or connect metals and non-metals and so on.Therefore,the scope of the connection involved was so far beyond the traditional welding conception.In order to meet this requirement,in recent years,diffusion bonding method,as one of the solid-phase bonding method has arouse people's attention,becomes a new research hot spot in the connection field,and grows rapidly.

Tungsten copper dissimilar metals diffusion bonding method including the following steps:

(1) Firstly,polishing the copper and copper foil by electrochemical polishing method.

(2) Then, encapsulating the one side surface of polished copper foil,put it into electroplating solution and electroplated it.The side of copper foil surface would form an amorphous Fe-W plating.The electroplating solution is mainly composed of sodium tungstate, ferrous sulfate, ammonium tartrate and water.

(3)Finally,stacking the copper,copper foil and tungsten sheet handled after the first and two steps of the process sequentially from bottom to top,then we can achieve the diffusion bonding of tungsten copper dissimilar metals after vacuum hot pressing sintering. The manufacturing process of diffusion bonding method is easy to operate,it cost less and have good applicability and connectivity.Moreover,the tensile strength of the prepared tungsten copper dissimilar metallic materials is more than 146MPa.

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