Tungsten market? No market? 1/3
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Tungsten market? No market? 1/3

China's mineral resource development maintains a dominant position in the world in the long term is the world's largest tungsten producer, consumer and supplier. Foreign countries exploit scheelite while China has long been the major mining wolframite resources. Wolframite deposits in mostly steep thin veins, with good quality, easy to adopt, easy to choose the advantages, and the equivalent concentrated in southern China, transportation, climate and other natural conditions are relatively favorablen. China's tungsten ore production scale of enterprises, technology development capability has reached a higher level, in accordance with domestic and international users request the production of mineral products.

Tungsten is a highest melting point, the largest share, second only to diamond in hardness of the metal, is a relationship with the country's economic lifeline and national security of the important strategic resources. Industry involved in a wide range of tungsten, including the development and cyclical changes in aerospace, defense, equipment manufacturing, machining, metallurgical and mining, an epoch-making tools and electronic communications industries, these industries would have a market demand tungsten industry varying degrees of impact, but because of tungsten products are widely used in a number of relatively independent of the industry, and therefore a small number of industries or industry downturn will have some impact. According to the China industry research network released "2015--2020 survey of China's tungsten industry status and development trend analysis report" shows that worldwide, the tungsten as an important scarce non-renewable resources which has been listed as a number of countries an important strategic metal. According to the US Geological Survey statistics show that China, Russia and Canada are the world's leading producer of tungsten, the three countries accounted for 91.13 percent and the yield of the world's total. Among them, China's tungsten mine production accounted for 84.51% of the world total, ranking first in the world. Except, storage capacity, exports have made China's tungsten to be number one in the world.
In a word, tungsten market dominated.

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