Tungsten market? No market? 2/3
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Tungsten market? No market? 2/3

As we all know, recently, tungsten and unsatisfactory profitability problems continue, such as tungsten mining, environmental pollution problems involved in the preparation of tungsten and tungsten prices declining issues. With the over-exploitation of tungsten ore, technological innovation and development was still slow, the marginal cost of the tungsten ore production increased year by year. At present, China's wolframite have been taken almost empty, the remaining white tungsten ore can be mined for about 20 years. In 20 of tungsten ore in the export market, it has only a certain market power in a few markets in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Switzerland. Of the 17 rare earth export market, only have limited market power in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand markets. Tungsten ore, rare earth and other export markets are imperfectly competitive market. Our country would make this resource advantage into a price advantage and competitive advantage, however, our country did not achieve the interests of our country and the right to speak with a market share of matches, but always controlled by others.

Internationally, the European market turnover is rare. In the first quarter, the European APT prices fell slightly, / metric ton down from $ 430-445 at the beginning of the end of March to $ 428-430 / metric ton. Most foreign companies have deferred to the second half of the procurement plan, the market trading was light. In the second quarter, the European market is still a quiet, except ferrotungsten Rotterdam warehouse prices slightly better performance, but the poor performance of other varieties, especially APT offer sharply lower in mid-April, following domestic prices fell to $ 360-395 / metric ton lows. With domestic prices after a slight rebound by the end of June in Europe and Hong Kong APT prices were stable at $ 390-415 / metric ton and US $ 390-400 / metric ton. According to the US Geological Survey statistics show that in 2009 --2013 year, the tungsten production has increased only in 2011, other years tungsten production showed negative growth. 2013 global tungsten output was 71,000, down 5.33 percent over last year.Financial data show that: 1 year - 6 months tungsten high-tech operating income of 3.806 billion Yuan, down 19.48%, net loss of 199 million Yuan, down 284.93 percent. The reason for the loss, in the high-tech tungsten said in the report, mainly because since the second half of 2013, tungsten concentrate prices continued to decline, tungsten smelting product prices upside down, resulting in the company substantial loss tungsten smelting sector.

So, the question is, whether the market is faced with no tungsten market?

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