Molybdenum Ore Market Price Going Up but Actual Transaction Continue Flat
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Molybdenum Ore Market Price Going Up but Actual Transaction Continue Flat

Molybdenum series products quotation: in macroscopic aspect, the central economic working conference of China operated at recently, according to the conference, China government will employ steady growth in the structure. Besides, China and Russia concluded and signed memorandum of understanding to promote bilateral local currency settlement development. What’s more RMB exchange rate continues to decline. On the other hand, the Federal Reserve raising interest rates has some certain degree effect on staple commodity. But for molybdenum industry there has a little influence. At present, molybdenum market mainly influence by market price and product supply and demand. The supply of molybdenum raw material is still tight and ferro molybdenum has little storage, so the price of molybdenum ore is stable and some exports predicted that the price will go up recently. On the other hand, molybdenum chemical, molybdenum series products performance general. At the short-term molybdenum market will be stable.

High grade molybdenum ore market price now reaches at 770 RMB/ton. The market inquires of high grade molybdenum ore has increased recently and recently will continue to go up. Ferro molybdenum mainly market price is 55,000.00 RMB/ton, but there are still some manufactures sold it at lower price. Besides, there are little manufacturers run out of storage and they are  watch-and-see market to wait right time to buy in.     

The average market price of mainly molybdenum series product: molybdenum concentrate (content: ≥45%): 770.00RMB/ton; ferro molybdenum: 57,000.00 RMB/ton, sodium molybdate: 45,000.00RMB/ton; molybdenum oxide (content: ≥51%): 830.00RMB/ton; molybdenum bar (content: ≥99.95%): 187.50RMB/kg; molybdenum powder: 150.00RMB/kg; ammonium tetramolybdate (first class): 60,000.00 RMB/ton; ammonium heptamolybdate (first class): 69,000.00 RMB/ton.


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