Tungsten Powder

High-Purity Tungsten Powder 107

High-purity tungsten powder has the purity of at least 99.99%, with chemical purity from 99.99%~99.9999%; the content of impurity elements in it should be among (0.1~1000)×10-12, however, as for the some special elements like radioactive, alkali metal, heavy metals and…

Native Tungsten Carbide Powder 98

Native tungsten carbide powder refers to WC prepared from native tungsten powder and carbon, which is the so called tungsten carbide powder. A relatively product of native tungsten carbide powder is the reproduced tungsten carbide powder, which refers to WC…

Nickel Based Tungsten Carbide Powder 89

Nickel based tungsten carbide powder mainly refers to tungsten carbide powder (WC) on the basis of self-fluxing nickel-based alloy to enhance its hardness and wear-resistant. The main products of self-fluxing nickel-based alloy powder are nickel-chromium boron-silicon and nickel-boron-silicon alloy, which…