Polymer Tungsten CT Protective Clothing 58

Polymer tungsten CT protective clothing is a new type of lead-free medical protective products. Its X-ray shielding rate can reach 99%. And it is much lighter than traditional lead protective clothing, so it is more suitable for providing X-ray protection…

Tungsten Alloy X-ray Protective Plate 54

Tungsten alloy X-ray protective plate is tungsten alloy plate made of tungsten-nickel-iron alloy or tungsten-nickel-copper alloy, whose protection effect against X-rays is better than that of traditional lead block. Moreover, its smaller size is more suitable for the current trend…

Tungsten Alloy Medical Ray Protective Material 39

Tungsten alloy medical ray protective material is tungsten-nickel-iron alloy or tungsten-nickel-copper alloy used for shielding medical radiation sources such as X-rays and gamma rays. The difference between the two tungsten alloy materials is that tungsten-nickel-iron alloy has certain ferromagnetism, and…

Tungsten Rubber X-ray Protective Clothing 28

Tungsten rubber X-ray protective clothing is a new type of environmental friendly medical shielding clothing designed to replace traditional lead protective clothing (Tungsten rubber has better X-ray shielding performance than lead.). In the early days, medical X-ray protective clothing mostly…

Tungsten Resin X-ray Protective Screen 30

Tungsten resin X-ray protective screen is a medical X-ray shielding screen made using polymer as matrix and tungsten powder as filler. It non-toxic, light weight, and easy to move. It also has advantages of environmental protection, good radiation absorption performance,…

Tungsten Disulfide Lubrication Principle 37

Tungsten disulfide is a well-known solid lubricating material with good lubricating performance, and its lubrication principle is attracting much attention from researchers. The lubrication principle of tungsten disulfide is related to its layered crystal structure. More details, please visit: http://tungsten-disulfide.com/index.html…

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