Tungsten Alloy Plate

Tungsten Alloy Ultra Thin Sheet 60

Tungsten alloy ultra thin sheet has high density, high modulus of elasticity, high hardness, low coefficient of expansion, excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, absorption of X-rays and gamma rays, etc. It is widely used in electronics. Preparation First,…

Tungsten Alloy Sheet 60

Tungsten alloy sheet has excellent radiation shielding ability, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. It is widely used as radiation shielding materials, packaging materials and cables. Characteristic Tungsten alloy sheet has a density of between 16.9~18.1 g/cm3…

Tungsten Alloy Plate 54

Tungsten alloy plate is a kind of refractory metal plate, which is made of good tungsten alloy blank and special cold rolling hot rolling. It can be used for tungsten targets, high temperature resistant materials, tungsten alloy shields, and tungsten…