Tungsten Granule

Tungsten Flux 500

Tungsten flux is tungsten granule, which is also called tungsten accelerator. It can be used as a fluxing agent for the determination of carbon and sulfur. In the determination of C&S by burning method, some fluxes need to be added into the sample to fully oxidize carbon and sulfur. The flux is to provide the sample with heat to oxidize, change the melting characteristics, stabilize the combustion process, and cover the sample to prevent splashing. Choosing an appropriate fluxing agent…

High-purity Tungsten Granule 488

High-purity tungsten granule may be used as a fluxing agent for the determination of carbon and sulfur in metallic manganese by high-frequency combustion IR absorption spectrometric method. This method has the advantages of high accuracy, easy operation, and simultaneous determination of C&S so that it has been widely applied in the quick determination of carbon and sulfur contents in steel alloys, minerals, and soil samples. There are three kinds of fluxes in determining carbon and sulfur content in metal manganese…

Tungsten Granule 499

Tungsten granule is a polyhedral particle with bright gray color, which may be applied as fluxing agent for determining carbon and sulfur in metals by infrared absorption method. Determining Carbon and Sulfur in Electrolytic Manganese Metal with Single Tungsten Granule 1. Main reagents and instrument flux: (1) 0.371mm (40 mesh) tungsten granule (C: 0.0006%, S: 0.0003%); Standard sample: YSBC 11139-2007 (C: 0.027%, S: 0.0126%); Standard sample: YSBC 18101-03 (C: 0.168%, S: 0.019%); CS-878A infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer; L-CS porcelain…