High-purity Tungsten Granule

High-purity tungsten granule may be used as a fluxing agent for the determination of carbon and sulfur in metallic manganese by high-frequency combustion IR absorption spectrometric method. This method has the advantages of high accuracy, easy operation, and simultaneous determination of C&S so that it has been widely applied in the quick determination of carbon and sulfur contents in steel alloys, minerals, and soil samples.high-purity tungsten granule picture
There are three kinds of fluxes in determining carbon and sulfur content in metal manganese by conventional IR absorption method: pure iron + tungsten granule, tin granule + tungsten granule, pure iron + tungsten granule + tin granule.

There are some factors will affect the accuracy of analysis results:
1. The operator has poor control over the amount of addition, i.e. adding more or less flux.
2. The sample is prone to splash during combustion.
3. The sample is insufficiently burned when the flux amount is small.

Therefore, single tungsten granule is used as flux to determine carbon and sulfur in manganese, and the metal manganese will be sufficiently burned in the high frequency furnace. Therefore, the IR absorption method with high sensitivity can fully satisfy the needs of scientific research and production.

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