Ammonium Paratungstate

Ammonium Paratungstate 30

Ammonium paratungstate, APT for short, is a kind of white crystalline of flake or needle shape. Its chemical formula is (NH4) 10 (H2W12O42) • 4H2O. And the CAS No. is 11120-25- 5, 14311-52-5. APT is insoluble in alcohol and is…

What Is Ammonium Paratungstate 167

What is ammonium paratungstate? Ammonium paratungstate is white crystalline of flake or needle shape, it is short for APT. Chemical formula: H8N2O4W Molecular Weight: 283.9145 EINECS: 234-364-9 CAS No.: 14311-52-5 According to different crystalline condition, its chemical formula has different…