Super Grade Ammonium Paratungstate (APT-0)

Super grade ammonium paratungstate is ammonium paratungstate with grade of APT-0, which is divided by national standard.

Generally, traditional process to prepare high-purity ammonium paratungstate is first to dissolve super grade ammonium paratungstate by ammonia-dissolving method, and then evaporation recrystallization. The high-purity APT produced by traditional process has the disadvantages as follows:
The energy consumption is high and the comprehensive recovery rate of resources is low. Also, equipment and investment are increased when compared with new processing technology, so that the production cost is increased.super grade ammonium paratungstate picture
Studies have shown that high quality ammonium paratungstate with low potassium, low sodium, and low chlorine, may be obtained by process optimization on the basis of the existing ion exchange method. In other words, key process and auxiliary materials should be strictly controlled and adjusted to meet production requirement. Compared with traditional process, this process saves production costs and improves the economic benefit of company.

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