Tungsten Filament Wire Makes Incandescent Light Bulbs Safer and Brighter

Incandescent light bulbs have been making homes safer and brighter for over 100 years. After centuries of using fire, candles, oil lamps and gas, the invention of the incandescent light bulb transformed everyday life.

Tungsten is the material of choice for this innovation, emitting bright and long-lasting light.

In 1904, a Hungarian company produced the first tungsten wire, and then in 1906, General Electric managed to make a ductile tungsten wire. The wire made of tungsten is very fragile, which limits its use, but General Electric's William Coolidge was able to make it ductile by swaging and sintering. The malleable tungsten filament allows the wire to be coiled, extending the life of the bulb and making it glow brighter.

The first incandescent light bulbs were made of platinum wire. After experimenting with various materials, Thomas Edison developed the first commercial filament light bulb, which used carbon filament.

tungsten filament wire photo Over time, tungsten became the material of choice for filaments because they produced double the amount of light and lasted longer. With further exploration, the Edison-era tungsten light bulb was further developed, which was filled with an inert gas instead of being encased in a vacuum. This greatly reduces the black residue that forms inside the glass sphere due to its vacuum structure.

Old-fashioned Edison-era tungsten bulbs may not burn as brightly as the latest versions, but they are loved for their romantic warm glow, classic bulb shape, and most importantly, for their soft glowing aesthetic. Filament is appreciated.

Vintage light bulbs are used to create a relaxing atmosphere. They can still be used with carbon and tungsten filament wire, but older tungsten bulbs are more cost-effective to buy and more cost-effective in using electricity. They also stay clear longer than carbon filament bulbs.

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