Reproduced Tungsten Carbide Powder

The use of recycled tungsten carbide powder can increase the tungsten recovery rate and production efficiency. It can solve the environmental pollution caused by waste tungsten carbide powder, tungsten loss and hidden safety problems, and has high economic and environmental benefits.

reproduced tungsten carbide powder pictureReproduced tungsten carbide powder can be made from recycled tungsten carbide powder. There is an efficient recovery method for waste tungsten carbide powder, which ultimately recovers tungsten in the form of sodium tungstate solution. The steps are:
Waste tungsten carbide powder, coke, and sodium bicarbonate are mixed to obtain a mixture and subjected to a molding process to form a cylindrical body mixture;
The cylindrical mixture is loaded into the loading trays of the stratified static furnace, and is loaded into the preheating zone of the stratified static furnace for preheating;
The preheated charging tray is transferred to the reaction zone of a static type furnace and reacted to obtain a sodium tungstate-based mixture;
Dissolve the mixture containing sodium tungstate as the sodium tungstate solution to complete the recycling process of the waste tungsten carbide powder.

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