High Voltage Switch Tungsten Copper

Since the melting point and boiling point of copper are much lower than the melting point and boiling point of tungsten, the tungsten-copper material can take a lot of heat through the "sweating" effect of copper under the high temperature of the arc, so that the tungsten skeleton cools and maintains good mechanical properties. To ensure the breaking ding of the electrical contacts. Therefore, the good anti-corrosion, anti-welding and withstand voltage characteristics of tungsten-copper materials are currently particularly suitable for the fabrication of contacts for high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage switching devices.

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Tungsten Copper Electrode Picture

Tungsten Copper Electrode Picture

Tungsten copper is widely used in high voltage switch 128kV SF6 circuit breaker tungsten copper/chromium copper and high voltage vacuum load switch (12kV 40.5KV 1000A), lightning arrester. The high-pressure vacuum switch is small in size, easy to maintain, wide in use, and can be wet. Used in flammable, explosive and corrosive environments.

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