Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal

Know Tungsten – Tungsten Carbide Arc Seals 173

 The dimensional tolerances of the outer diameter, inner diameter and length of the tungsten steel arc seal meet ±0.01, arc R1 meets ±0.1, arc R9-R9.68 meets ±0.01, and the actual size of arc R is detected by a profiler to meet precision processing requirements. , the entire tungsten steel seal is precision machined and then polished, resembling a candied haws, exuding a beautiful metallic luster. Material performance parameters are as follows: 1. Co content: 10%; 2. Density g/cm3: 14.45;…

Know Tungsten-Tungsten Carbide Bypass Port Cap 175

 Bypass valve, also known as self-operated bypass differential pressure valve, self-operated differential pressure control valve, is a valve installed on the bypass pipeline. The valve type and structure are differentiated according to the specific use requirements. It mainly consists of a valve body, a valve core, The valve sleeve and spring are combined together. The bypass port cover is used to install and fix the various interfaces of the bypass valve connection to meet the sealing purpose. The carbide…