Know Tungsten-Tungsten Carbide Bypass Port Cap

Bypass valve, also known as self-operated bypass differential pressure valve, self-operated differential pressure control valve, is a valve installed on the bypass pipeline. The valve type and structure are differentiated according to the specific use requirements. It mainly consists of a valve body, a valve core, The valve sleeve and spring are combined together. The bypass port cover is used to install and fix the various interfaces of the bypass valve connection to meet the sealing purpose. The carbide bypass port cover is precision machined from carbide material. Its performance is suitable for wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant industries. environmental requirements.

The tungsten carbide BYPASS PORT CAP, is preformed from the blank through the powder metallurgy production process of the carbide mold, and then processed with CNC machining operations through grinders and milling machines to complete dimensional accuracy processing. The appearance may seem unremarkable, but it actually requires the cooperation of multiple processes to complete the finished product.

As a precision carbide manufacturer, CTIA GROUP LTD provides customized carbide molds and tungsten carbide bypass port cover parts and accessories. Carbide molds produce and process tungsten carbide bypass port covers. CTIA GROUP LTD produces precision tungsten carbide processing and high-quality products. In order to meet the custom processing of tungsten carbide that requires more bypass valve equipment seals, our company provides multiple options for tungsten carbide processing of cemented carbide materials.

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