Know Tungsten – Tungsten Carbide Arc Seals

The dimensional tolerances of the outer diameter, inner diameter and length of the tungsten steel arc seal meet ±0.01, arc R1 meets ±0.1, arc R9-R9.68 meets ±0.01, and the actual size of arc R is detected by a profiler to meet precision processing requirements. , the entire tungsten steel seal is precision machined and then polished, resembling a candied haws, exuding a beautiful metallic luster.

Material performance parameters are as follows:

1. Co content: 10%;

2. Density g/cm3: 14.45;

3. Hardness HV: 1610±40;

4. Grain size: 0.6um;

5. Bending strength: 3600N/mm2;

6. Porosity: A02B00C00;

7. Surface roughness: Ra0.4um.

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