Tungsten Granule

Tungsten granule is a polyhedral particle with bright gray color, which may be applied as fluxing agent for determining carbon and sulfur in metals by infrared absorption method.tungsten granule picture
Determining Carbon and Sulfur in Electrolytic Manganese Metal with Single Tungsten Granule
1. Main reagents and instrument flux:
(1) 0.371mm (40 mesh) tungsten granule (C: 0.0006%, S: 0.0003%);
Standard sample: YSBC 11139-2007 (C: 0.027%, S: 0.0126%);
Standard sample: YSBC 18101-03 (C: 0.168%, S: 0.019%);
CS-878A infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer;
L-CS porcelain crucible (φ=25mm×25mm): burn in the muffle furnace at 1000°C for 4h or above before use, and put it into the dryer for use;
Electronic balance (accurate to 0.0001g);
Desiccant (ascarite, magnesium perchlorate);
Medical oxygen (purity of 99.9% or more).

2. Experimental steps:
Weigh about 0.35g standard metal manganese and evenly place it in the crucible, then evenly cover about 1.5g tungsten granules and place it on the high-frequency furnace lifting platform, and then start the analysis button, so that the analysis program will automatically complete the determination work. Repeat 3~5 times to obtain good results.

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