Uses of Tungsten Alloy Medical Shield

Tungsten Alloy Medical Shield is an ideal choice for manufacturing medical radiation shields. With the improvement of people's living levels and the continuous development of science and technology, the concept of green and healthy life has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. Traditional radiation shielding materials have been difficult to meet people's growing needs for life and health. It is very important to find a safe and reliable protective material for people's life and health. Medical tungsten alloy shield has the characteristics of high density, strong radiation shielding and environmental protection, which just meet the needs of people pursuing healthy life, so it is widely used in many aspects of medical domain.

tungsten alloy radiation proof shielding can

Tungsten Alloy Medical Shields are mainly used in nuclear medicine as radiation shielding materials for radiotherapy, cancer and tumor, medical imaging and radioactive tracing.


Tungsten Alloy Medical Shields are often used as shielding materials for medical instruments such as medical linear accelerators, medical multi-page gratings, and X-ray therapeutic machines, which are mostly used in radiotherapy. Radiation therapy is a means to treat malignant tumor diseases by ionizing radiation. In the treatment, the tungsten alloy shield can reduce the particle beam or light wave, so that the particle rays can pass in a specific direction, that is, only the rays parallel to the treatment shield can pass through, or the beam with the space section can be narrowed to limit the number of rays.

ⅡMedical Photos

The Tungsten Alloy Medical Shield can be used as the shield of CT tomography scanner. CT scanner can produce X-ray, which is a powerful electromagnetic energy. This higher energy can make X-ray directly penetrate most soft tissues of human body and then be absorbed by tungsten alloy radiation shield, and the obtained data can be transmitted to computer for imaging by using the principle of light and shadow. For example, PET-CT is called the best method for physical examination and tumor diagnosis. It refers to the detection technology that the patient releases gamma rays in the body after injecting deoxyribonucleic acid, and displays the chemical activity of human visceral cells through a gamma camera. Any abnormal chemical behavior during testing may be cancer. Gamma rays are used to kill and treat certain types of cancers and tumors, but they also hurt other cells of our body. For medical tungsten alloy shield to interfere with its influence on their own life and health because its absorption of gamma rays is obviously higher than that of traditional shielding materials. Because of its high density, the thickness of the same shielding effective is only 2/3 of that of lead.

ⅢRadioactive Tracer

The Tungsten Alloy Medical Shields can be used as the shield of the extraction shield syringe. There is a 2mm thick tungsten alloy part on the extraction shield injector. This part can protect the arm from radiation when the syringe extracts radioactive agents. When the medicine is injected into the human body, the tungsten alloy parts can be detached. The shield of tungsten alloy with thickness of 9mm and thickness of 5.2g/cc can provide maximum protection, and the disassembly is very simple. There is a knob on the shield, which can firmly fix the shield and syringe.

tungsten alloy for nuclear medical shield

In addition, Tungsten Alloy Medical Shields can also be used in collimators, ray blockers, radioisotope containers, storage etc.

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