Production Technology of High Density Tungsten Alloy

Strict control of high density tungsten alloy production technology has a vital impact on the strength, brittleness, impact toughness, hardness and corrosion resistance of products. There is an efficient and stable high density tungsten alloy production technology comprises the following steps:

high specific gravity tungsten alloy

1.Material Mixing: According to the composition requirements of the high-density tungsten alloy to be prepared finally, a plurality of metal powders to be mixed prepared in advance are simultaneously put into an inclined mixer to be fully and uniformly mixed for 6-8h to obtain fully mixed powder. The inclination angle of the inclined mixer is 9-13 degrees and the rotating speed is 20-34 rpm;

2.Cold Isostatic Pressing: the conventional cold isostatic pressing process is adopted, and the mixed powder obtained after full mixing is subjected to cold isostatic pressing at a pressure of 120-170Mpa for 1-6min. (the best is 2min.) to prepare the green compact.

3.Sintering: Placing the prepared green compact in a high-temperature sintering furnace (pressurized sintering furnace) and sintering under the protection of ammonia decomposition gas or hydrogen to prepare a tungsten alloy sintered blank with uniform components, wherein the sintering temperature is 1400-1600 degrees centigrade, the sintering holding time is 30-90min., and the flow rate of the ammonia decomposition gas or hydrogen is one-4 m3/h;

tungsten alloy cylinder

4.Quenching: Placing the prepared tungsten alloy sintered blank in a high-temperature quenching furnace (pressurized sintering furnace) for quenching treatment continuously in two stages, wherein the quenching temperature of the first stage is 1100-1500 degrees centigrade and the holding time is 10-50min, and the quenching temperature of the second stage is 25-80 degrees centigrade and the holding time is 30-40 min..

5.Vacuum Annealing: put the quenched tungsten alloy sintered blank into a high-temperature vacuum furnace for vacuum annealing, wherein the vacuum temperature of the high-temperature vacuum furnace is not less than ICT1Pa, the annealing temperature is 1100-1300 degrees centigrade, and the annealing time is 1-4h (the best time is 2h).

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