Tungsten Alloy Automobile Counterweight

Tungsten Alloy Automobile Counterweight can adjust the center of gravity of chassis when it is used in automobile, and make the center of gravity close to the ground, so that the automobile body can resist the ascending airflow of air resistance and keep running smoothly during high-speed driving. This greatly improves the maneuverability of the automobile and the sensitivity of the control mechanism.

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Tungsten alloy is the first choice for vehicle counterweight, because it has the following excellent characteristics.

1.High Density: The density of tungsten alloy is generally 16.5 ~ 19.0 g/cm 3, which is equivalent to more than twice the density of steel. Adding tungsten alloy counterweight into the car can maintain the high performance of racing cars in sports and provide a controllable system for cars. The high density of tungsten alloy greatly reduces the physical size of components, occupies less storage space and is easier to transport.

2.Machinability: Tungsten alloy is easy to process, which gives automobile designers a larger space to design.

3.Good Ductility: W-Ni-Fe high density alloy has good ductility, and its elongation in sintered state can reach 10%~15%. After vacuum or atmosphere dehydrogenation, the elongation can be increased to 20%~30%.

4 Good Corrosion Resistance and Oxidation Resistance: it can prolong the service life of racing cars and save costs.

5.Good Weld Ability: it can be brazed with copper and silver solder.

6.Environmental Protection: Tungsten alloy automobile counterweight is a high-quality product that can replace toxic and harm the environment.

According to its application, there are 2 typical Tungsten Alloy Automobile Counterweight. Automobile crankshaft counterweight is used to reduce the physical size of engine, and can be used in sports car engine. Automobile balance weight is used for automobile chassis, which lowers the center of gravity of the automobile body so that it can keep balance during high-speed driving.

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The selection of Tungsten Alloy Counterweight needs to consider two important factors: vehicle type and weight which can make the car body be stable without increasing its burden.

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