Tungsten Trioxide Gas Sensing Property

In recent years, as a highly sensitive material, Tungsten Trioxide (WO3) has many advantages, such as short response and recovery time, appropriate response temperature, and easy measurement and control. It can be used in the military of national defense, and has attracted people's concern.

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Gas sensing property means that when a certain gas (such as ethanol, methane, hydrogen.) is introduced, the color of the material changes reversibly. The greater the variation, the better the gas sensitivity. Tungsten Trioxide is such a highly sensitive material, because it has excellent gas sensitivity to both oxidizing gas and reducing gases, and can be used to make gas sensors, which make the tungsten oxide-based gas sensors develop rapidly.

Gas sensing property is a kind of sensor which can detect a specific gas and convert the concentration of the detected gas into electrical information through a certain corresponding relationship. The gas sensor made of Tungsten Trioxide has the advantages of high sensitivity, good stability, good selectivity, quick response recovery time and simple preparation, and can be used to detect various gases, such as hydrogen sulfide(H2S), nitric oxide(NO), nitrogen dioxide(NO2)and ammonia(NH3).

tungsten trioxide picture

According to reports, in order to improve the gas sensitivity of Tungsten Trioxide, related researchers compared it with the aspects of morphology and structure changes, different preparation methods and different doping substances. For example, by increasing the specific surface area of WO3 gas-sensitive material, more semiconductor surfaces can come into contact with the detection gas. By doping, the oxygen vacancy on the surface of the material is increased, thus improving its gas sensing property. Tungsten Trioxide, due to its excellent gas sensing property, can not only be used as an indispensable detection sensitive system for monitoring biological, nuclear weapons and chemical substances in national defense, but also provide a nano-virtual simulation training system for computer systems.

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