FOMO of Wolfram Cube, Tungsten cube?

Tungsten’s chemical formula(symbol) is W, tungsten also named wolfram, then sometimes, we may call tungsten cube is Wolfram Cube.

As reported, Wolfram Cubes(Wolfram Square) , also may called Wolfram Cube, have set off an upsurge in the crypto currency world in the past weeks, which is difficult for so many people to understand. Why a small wolfram cube make crypto currency fans so obsessed? What magic does the wolfram cube have?

According to CTIA (China Tungsten Intelligence Alliance), crypto currency fans and lovers who hold wolfram squares have the same feeling that the world is real. As everyone knows, Bitcoin is only presented in digital form, which can not make its holders really feel its existence and touch. The so-called majority of crypto currency traders who do not hold wolfram Cube (Wolfram Square)now will feel very panic, as if they missed a major event. In fact, it is a kind of FOMO phenomenon, that is, fear of missing out ("FOMO", definition is - fear of missing out : fear of not being included in something ,such as an interesting or enjoyable activity that others are experiencing--- ). Torkel rogstad, software engineer of arcane crypto, a digital financial platform, posted relevant tweets on twitter. He said: "it's very painful to wait for the arrival of wolfram squares". This evidence shows that people without physical objects have wolfram cube measure phobia, or FOMOWC (FOMO of wolfram cube).

FOMO of Wolfram Cube Tungsten cube picture

Under the influence of cryptocurrency enthusiasts' obsession with wolfram cubes, cryptocurrency traders and even ordinary people who do not hold it also place orders on relevant platforms as soon as possible, increasing the demand for wolfram cubes. It is worth mentioning that recently, people from all over the world have customized wolfram blocks to China Wolfram intelligent Alliance (CTIA GROUP), which makes us pay attention to this special FOMO phenomenon in the wolfram industry. In the past 2 decades, CTIA GROUP. provided customers with wolfram products of various sizes, materials and even shapes, such as CUBES, squares, bricks, hexagons, cuboids, rods, bars, needles, spheres, graduals and so on, with various densities, different weights, different chemical elements content , and different physical properties and applications.

To be honest, according to CTIA's experience, wolfram cubes are not as difficult to obtain and expensive as cryptocurrency fans say (the 4-inch cube costs US $3000), The manufacturing cost of Wolfram Cube is lower, which can also give you a different experience. Anyone who is interested can contact us to customize wolfram cubes of various densities, weights and sizes may cantact CTIA GROUP (

FOMO of Wolfram Cube Tungsten cube picture

Wolfram Cube is actually a kind of square containing refractory metal wolfram, such as wolfram metal Cube, wolfram copper alloy Cube, wolfram nickel iron alloy Cube and wolfram silver alloy Cube, which is usually used as paperweight. Paperweight is used to press paper when writing and painting, and the Paperweight made of wolfram products has the characteristics of small volume, large weight, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, not easy to deform and fade. Therefore, it can maintain its original appearance no matter how many years it is used.

What's more, the wolfram alloy Cube as paperweight polished by diamond tools has a more exquisite appearance and better hand feel. At the same time, it can be engraved or patterned on its surface, so it can be used as a gift or souvenir for friends. A little more exquisite is that gold can be plated on the surface of wolfram alloy cube paperweight. After gold plating, the product has a color like gold, which can improve its collection value and appreciation value.

In terms of production cost, the cost of Wolfram Cube is not only affected by the wolfram content and the amount of other auxiliary materials, but also by its size, because the large cube is difficult to process and is extremely prone to sandwich, crack, deformation or fracture.

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