Know Tungsten – Tungsten Carbide Insert Production Process

Step 1: Raw material preparation. The main ingredients include tungsten carbide powder and cobalt powder. The quality and precise blend of raw materials are key to ensuring final blade performance.

Step 2: Mixing and Compression. The mixture is compressed into a highly dense blank whose shape approximates the final blade profile.

Step 3: Sintering. In a high-temperature environment, the billet is sintered, and the tungsten carbide particles combine with the cobalt powder to form a strong cemented carbide material.

Step 4: Grinding and processing. The sintered carbide blank requires further processing to obtain the desired insert shape and size.

Step 5: Coating (optional). Common coatings include titanium coating, nitride coating, etc. These coatings can increase wear resistance, reduce friction, increase blade life or improve cutting characteristics.

Step 6: Quality Control and Testing. Includes dimensional measurements, hardness testing, wear resistance testing and other performance evaluations.

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