Tungsten Alloy Cube Price on APR.16,2024

Basic Trading Condition
Product Name Tungsten Alloy Cube
Details Dimension: 5x5x5mm

Composition: 93%WNIFE



Payment:100% T/T in advance

Delivery Time: in 35 working days

Note Re-check when specification and quantity changed

Specification can be customized!

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Disclaimer The above quoted price is for reference only and shall not be used for final order. For detailed inquiry please contact us directly!

Tungsten alloy cube has high density and small volume, and can be used in fields that require small and high specific gravity components. Tungsten alloy cube can be used as golf ball weights, fishing sinkers, military tungsten alloy cube can be used for military weights, missile warheads, armor-piercing warheads, shotgun bullets, prefabricated fragments; it can also be used as a counterweight for oil drilling platforms, and some other High-secret areas, such as mobile phone vibrators, balance of pendulum clocks and automatic watches, shock-proof tool holders, flywheel weights, etc.

For more information about tungsten alloy products, please visit: tungsten-alloy.com


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