MoSi2 Heater Price on May 8, 2024

The latest price of Φ6xφ12x200x250mm MoSi2 heater is USD71.00/pc on May 8, 2024, EXW XIAMEN, CHINA.

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The basic trading conditions of MoSi2 Heater
Product name MoSi2 Heater
Details Dimension: Φ6xφ12x200x250mm

Formal contract quantity: 5pcs

Quotation: USD71.00/pc

Payment term: 100% T/T in Advance

Delivery time: in 25 working days

Contact Tel.:+86 592 512 9595 +86 592 512 9696


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What Is MoSi2 Heating Element?

There are several types of heating elements available for industrial heating. Generally speaking, metallic heating elements such as nichrome wire (Ni-Cr) are commonly used in lower temperature ranges (up to 1100°C), and MoSi2 elements are often used in high-temperature ranges (1200-1900°C). Silicon carbide (SiC) heating elements cover between the two at temperatures up to 1600°C.

MoSi2 Heating element is a high-density material consisting of molybdenum disilicide and self-forming glaze of silicide dioxide. It can be used up to furnace temperature of 1800℃ with long service life. It is a special material that has the best properties of both ceramic and metallic materials, which can withstand corrosion and oxidation, like ceramic materials and has a low thermal expansion. And it also has good thermal and electrical conductivity, like metallic materials. Thermal shock does not have any effect on the element and as a heating element, it can withstand many years of service because of its strength.

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