AMST 21014 class1 Tungsten Alloy Block

AMST 21014 class1 tungsten alloy block is a sort of W-based framework with the W substance of 85~99%. Its thickness can be dependent upon 16.5~19.0g/cm3, which makes the item to be the perfect crude material as stabilizer. It has high density, high melting point, small capacity, excellent hardness, superior wearing resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, etc.

The properties of AMST 21014 class1 tungsten alloy block are:
Alloy Type:90%WNiFe, 90%WNiCu
Density: 16.85~17.30g/cm3
Hardness Max: 32HRC
Elongation: 5~20%
Tensile Strength Max: 1470MPa
Impact Toughness Max: 58J/cm2

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