AMST 21014 class2 Tungsten Alloy Block

AMST 21014 class2 tungsten alloy block is known for high density. It has excellent formability and machinability, outstanding corrosion resistance. It can be utilized as a part of dashing autos, planes and sailboats where size assumes a critical part. Plus, it has superb erosion safety and machinability.

The properties of AMST 21014 class2 tungsten alloy block are:
Alloy Type:92.5%WNiFe, 92.5%WNiCu
Density: 17.15~17.85g/cm3
Hardness Max: 33HRC
Elongation: 5~15%
Tensile Strength Max: 1720MPa
Impact Toughness Max: 54J/cm2

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