AMST 21014 class3 Tungsten Alloy Block

AMST 21014 class3 tungsten alloy block has many special properties such as high density, high melting point, wear resistance, excellent thermal stability and high radiation absorption capacity, etc. It is used extensively in military applications, balance weights, aircraft components, nuclear and medical shields, fishing and sport tackle, rocket components, etc.

AMST 21014 class3 tungsten alloy block pictureThe properties of AMST 21014 class3 tungsten alloy block are:
Alloy Type:95%WNiFe, 95%WNiCu
Density: 17.75~18.35g/cm3
Hardness Max: 34HRC
Elongation: 3~10%
Tensile Strength Max: 971MPa
Impact Toughness Max: 43J/cm2

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