AMST 21014 class4 Tungsten Alloy Block

AMST 21014 class4 tungsten alloy block has very high melting point and have a density twice that of steel and are more than 50% heavier than lead. Due to their high density, it offers greater radiation shielding than lead and are non-toxic. It c It also has a low coefficient of expansion and has a high modulus of elasticity.

AMST 21014 class4 tungsten alloy block pictureThe properties of AMST 21014 class4 tungsten alloy rod are:
Alloy Type:97.5%WNiFe, 97.5%WNiCu
Density: 18.25~18.85g/cm3
Hardness Max: 35HRC
Elongation: 1~8%
Tensile Strength Max: 964MPa
Impact Toughness Max: 22J/cm2

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