ASTM B777-99 class1 Tungsten Alloy Block

ASTM B777-99 class1 tungsten alloy rod is manufactured using Chinatungsten Online’ strict quality measures, guaranteeing a consistent, reliable material. It has high absorption capacity against X-rays and gamma rays and good machinability.

The properties of ASTM B777-99 class1 tungsten alloy block are:
ASTM B777-99: class1
Matrix: 90%
Density: 16.85~17.25g/cc
Hardness Rockwell Max: 32HRC
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 110 KSI and 758MPa
Yield Strength (0.2% offset): 75KSI and 517MPa
Elongation: 5%

ASTM B777-99 class1 tungsten alloy block pictureASTM B777-99 class1 tungsten alloy block is manufactured using quality approved tungsten alloy and innovative technology under the guidance of our deft professionals and is appreciated in the market for its superior quality.

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