Tungsten Alloy Hand Spinner

The traditional gyroscope rotates on the ground, while a hand spinner, as the name implies, rotates on a finger. Two fingers clamped the center of the top from top to bottom, and with a force to turn it, the top of the finger could spin. Tungsten alloy hand spinner is made of tungsten alloy, which is very simple in structure, with a lightweight ball bearing embedded in the rotating body. After being driven by finger motion, the epitaxy moves in a circular motion with the center of the bearing. Using ball bearings to reduce friction, the hand spinner keeps spinning rapidly and persistently.

tungsten alloy hand spinner pictureTo keep hand spinner balanced horizontally, you start with two fingertips holding the bearing in place, and after rotating, the top finger can be removed, leaving just one place to hold up its gravity. The top can also be placed in places other than the fingers - players around the world support the rotation of the top with various parts, including fingertips, the back of the hand, cheeks and even the nose of a pet dog.

tungsten alloy hand spinner pictureThe hand spinner, one of the most popular fingertip movements in recent years, became popular in the United States in 2016, which is now popular around the world. Children can use it as a toy, adults can be a decompression toy, while the elderly can be a relaxed way of exercise. Not only does it relieve stress, but it also helps with adhd. It is good for relieving stress and anxiety, adding fun and killing time for a long journey. It is a real universal toy.

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