Tungsten Alloy Bifoliate Fidget Spinner

Tungsten alloy bifoliate fidget spinner has a wide range of application ages and a large number of potential users. It is a toy widely accepted by consumers. Its structure is not complicated, the main structure is a small bearing, the outer layer connected with the symmetric tungsten alloy material to act as rotating blade, when the rolling of the bearing to achieve rotating effect.

tungsten alloy bifoliate fidget spinner pictureTungsten alloy bifoliate fidget spinner only has one major physical effect, that is, it relies on the rolling principle of the bearing to achieve the rotating effect. To play the fidget spinner, it only needs to provide the fixed fulcrum with the pinch force of the thumb and the other finger, then it can be rotated by swiping the third finger tip. In addition, the appearance design, configuration, material and surface treatment of the fingertip gyroscope are different and the appearance innovation is endless. Therefore, the spinning effect of the fidget spinner is diversified and plastic.

Like traditional gyroscopes, fidget spinner is not derivative of boredom, it exists not just for the curious or the bored, but to some extent it should be defined as practical tools. According to psychiatrists, fidget spinner rotation is a powerful driver of attention development in people with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. In addition, it has a certain auxiliary ding for relieving mental pressure, quitting smoking and drinking addiction. As the product type of electronic cigarette and Zippo lighter is similar in appearance, it also needs to have certain ornamental value. Therefore, the fidget spinner can not only act as physical spiritual plaything, but also satisfy itself positioning according to different materials, shapes and rotating effects.

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