Tungsten Alloy Portable Hand Spinner

Tungsten alloy portable hand spinner is a small toy with a symmetrical bearing structure that can rotate over the fingers. It is composed of a bidirectional or multi-directional symmetrical body as the main body, embedded with a design combination of bearing in the middle of the main body, and the whole constitutes a new type of object with planar rotation. The basic principle of this object is similar to traditional gyroscope, but it requires several fingers to grasp and move to make it rotate.
tungsten alloy portable hand spinner pictureTungsten alloy portable hand spinner is a handheld portable toy, its core advantage is portable, play anytime and anywhere. Especially now the social rhythm is very fast, the fragmentation time has increased, the hand spinner can be played from the bag or even the pocket, becomes the good choice to fill these fragments time. It is said to eliminate anxiety and even help improve attention in children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This new toy was so popular that sales at the toy store were booming.
Tungsten alloy portable hand spinner can be processed into different shapes and chimes with different decorative elements. Just like customized jewelry and pendants, it is artistic and can meet the unique customization requirements. It is more like a carrier toy of modern technology and culture, attracting contemporary people who have a vision for the future and a spirit of exploration for the unknown in the context of the new era. It is widely loved and pursued after by people.

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