Tungsten Alloy Fidget Spinner for Amusement

Tungsten alloy fidget spinner for amusement is small, easy to carry, the majority of EDC players daily around the items and toys. It's very simple, with a lightweight ball bearing (too heavy to hold in one hand) inlaid with a rotating body. After being driven by finger motion, the epitaxy moves in a circular motion with the center of the bearing. Using ball bearings to reduce friction, the fidget spinner keeps spinning rapidly and persistently.
tungsten alloy fidget spinner for amusement pictureFunction
Because modern people are under so much pressure, they need to vent and decompress, and these dings happen to be provided by the fidget spinner, which can help with smoking cessation, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mania, and adhd. It can be used to relieve anxiety and exercise the flexibility of fingers.
Daily gameplay:
The index finger and thumb hold the cover, and the middle finger retracts any wing (standard one-handed). The middle finger and thumb hold the cover, and the index finger or middle finger and thumb hold the cover.
tungsten alloy fidget spinner for amusement pictureHigh-end gameplay:
While the fidget spinner is rotating, throw the fidget spinner to the top and continue rotating (the top finger) while the top is rotating and replace the finger that originally held the bottom cover with that held the top cover.

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