Tungsten Alloy DIY Hand Spinner

Tungsten alloy DIY hand spinner is composed of a bidirectional or multi-directional symmetrical body as the main body, embedded with a design combination of bearing in the middle of the main body, and the whole constitutes a planar rotating device, and can also be embedded with the same weight in the bi-directional or multi-directional symmetric body. According to the principle of centrifugal force, when the object is in non-linear motion, because the object must have its own mass, the inertia caused by the mass will force the object to continue to move towards the tangential direction of the trajectory, so that the finger-spinning gyroscope can drive the intermediate bearing to rotate at high speed under the centrifugal force of configuration.
tungsten alloy DIY hand spinner pictureTungsten alloy DIY hand spinner is small in size and convenient to carry. It can be processed into different shapes and embedded into different decorative elements, like jewelry and pendant, which is very personalized and can meet a variety of consumer needs. It is not only a toy, but also can add fashion elements, and can also be a portable decoration.
tungsten alloy DIY hand spinner pictureChinatungsten Online can design bi-directional or multi-directional symmetrical fingertip gyroscopes according to customer requirements, and can carve different patterns and words to meet customer unique customization requirements. Our hand spinner has the cool metal surface, good feel, good quality and wear-resistant. Together with the careful polish of our craftsmen, it is extremely stable when rotating. It has good balance, and can maintain long rotation time.

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