Tungsten Alloy Coating Oil Tube

Tungsten alloy coating oil tube is suitable for use in harsh corrosive environments without the addition of corrosion inhibitors, which is reliable and easy to operate. Tubing is generally accompanied by formation water and corrosive gases in the process of producing crude oil or natural gas, while the tubing has been in a relatively harsh corrosive environment.

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tungsten alloy coating oil tube pictureFor atmospheric corrosion, metal coating is a very common protection method. Metal coating is often used to protect downhole tools and sucker rods in the production of oil and gas Wells. Electroplating chromium is commonly used, but electroplating chromium will produce serious pollution to the environment. The usual electrodeposition process often has hydrogen washing out, which may cause hydrogen embrittlement and cause part fracture failure. Tungsten alloy coating has good corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, high hardness and other characteristics, which can replace the traditional chromium coating.

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