Tungsten Alloy Anticorrosion Sleeve

Tungsten alloy anticorrosion sleeve has excellent characteristics of corrosion resistance, scale prevention, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, as well as anti-hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and other gas corrosion environment, so tungsten alloy corrosion sleeve is applied in: oil fields of various Wells, Wells, gas Wells.

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tungsten alloy anticorrosion sleeve pictureChinatungsten Online is a modern company specializing in the production, sales and import and export of non-ferrous metal materials and products such as tungsten and molybdenum products and tungsten and molybdenum alloys. With strong economic strength and high-tech R&D technology, the company provides customers with high quality and reasonable price products, which have always been trusted by customers. At present, the products have been sold well in international markets such as Europe, America, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Middle East.

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