Customized Tungsten Alloy Shaft Sleeve

Customized tungsten alloy shaft sleeve is a cylindrical mechanical part on the rotating shaft, which also is a component of the sliding bearing. It generally dings as an axial positioning. The end is in contact with the gear bearing and other parts with compressive stress. Because the shaft is to be matched with the standard parts such as the sealing ring, and to ensure that the middle part can be through the shaft end. So that the shaft sleeve and seal ring with the shaft can be made fine to ensure that the parts through.

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customized tungsten alloy shaft sleeve pictureThe shaft sleeve is used to replace rolling bearings in places with low rotating speed, high radial load and high clearance requirements. The material requires low hardness and good wear resistance. The inner hole of the shaft sleeve is grinded and scraped to achieve a higher matching accuracy. Dry grinding, the shaft and shaft sleeve will be scrapped soon, it is recommended to scrape the inner hole wall of the shaft sleeve during installation, so as to leave many small pits and increase lubrication.

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