AMST 21014 class3 Tungsten Alloy Brick

AMST 21014 class3 tungsten alloy brick has high toughness and good wear resistance, which can be connected with other materials by means of arc welding, inlaying and casting, etc. It is suitable for making impact tools, crushing hammer head, ball mill liner and other wear resistant and impact resistant parts. Chinatungsten Online uses CNC grinding machine with a higher polishing rate, which can quickly remove the damage layer generated during polishing and improve the surface finish, so that tungsten alloy brick can achieve the mirror effect.

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AMST 21014 class3 tungsten alloy brick pictureThe properties of AMST 21014 class3 tungsten alloy brick are:
Alloy Type:95%WNiFe, 95%WNiCu
Density: 17.75~18.35g/cm3
Hardness Max: 34HRC
Elongation: 3~10%
Tensile Strength Max: 971MPa
Impact Toughness Max: 43J/cm2

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