ASTM B777-99 class4 Tungsten Alloy Brick

ASTM B777-99 class4 tungsten alloy brick has high hardness, large elastic modulus, low impact toughness, high compressive strength. It also has high hardness, excellent wear resistance and good chemical stability. It can be made into high precision tungsten devices by precision machining and is widely used in medical treatment, semiconductor manufacturing and other fields.

The properties of ASTM B777-99 class4 tungsten alloy brick are:
ASTM B777-99: class4
Matrix: 97%
Hardness Rockwell Max: 35HRC
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 100 KSI and 689MPa
Yield Strength (0.2% offset): 75KSI and 517MPa
Elongation: 2%

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