90W-6Ni-4Fe Tungsten Alloy Brick

90W-6Ni-4Fe tungsten alloy brick has high melting point, high density, low vapor pressure, high temperature strength and good creep resistance. It can be widely used in chemical instruments, heat exchangers, heaters, heat shield and so on. Chinatungsten Online has more than 20 years of tungsten alloy production and sales experience, we can provide new and old customers with the best quality tungsten alloy, the lowest price, the most perfect service.

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90W-6Ni-4Fe tungsten alloy brick pictureThe properties of 90W-6Ni-4Fe tungsten alloy brick are:
Alloy Type:W 90%、Ni 6%、Fe 4%
MIL-T-21014: Class 1
SAE-AMS-T-21014: Class 1
AMS 7725 C: 7725 C
ASTM B777-87: Class 1
Nominal Density: 16.85~17.25 g/cc or 0.614 lbs/ in3
Hardness Rockwell: 26 C
Ultimate Tensile Strength Min: 110,000 psi
Yield Strength Min (0.2% offset): 75,000 psi
Magnetic Properties: Slightly Magnetic

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