95W-4Ni-1Cu Tungsten Alloy brick

95W-4Ni-1Cu tungsten alloy brick has high hardness, high modulus of elasticity, high compressive strength, excellent wear resistance and chemical stability. It is widely used in the fields of evaporating vessel, temperature standard light source, heating element, heat insulation screen, high temperature furnace components and so on. Tungsten alloy bricks provided by Chinatungsten Online have complicated manufacturing process and ordinary appearance, but its intrinsic value is expensive, also known as high quality and excellent performance.

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95W-4Ni-1Cu tungsten alloy brick pictureThe properties of 95W-4Ni-1Cu tungsten alloy brick are:
Alloy Type:W 95%、Ni 4%、Fe 1%
MIL-T-21014: Class 3
SAE-AMS-T-21014: Class 3
AMS 7725 C: NIL
ASTM B777-87: Class 3
Nominal Density: 17.75~18.35 g/cc or 0.650 lbs/ in3
Hardness Rockwell: 28 C
Ultimate Tensile Strength Min: 94,000 psi
Yield Strength Min (0.2% offset): 75,000 psi
Magnetic Properties: Non-magnetic

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