8×100×200mm Tungsten Copper Plate

8×100×200mm tungsten copper plate with 8mm thickness, width is 100mm, and length is 200mm, general tolerance of thickness is ±0.2mm, length and width tolerance is 0 to +2mm. Which with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, uniform microstructure, high temperature resistance, high strength, arc erosion resistance and high density.

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8×100×200mm Tungsten Copper Plate Picture

8×100×200mm Tungsten Copper Plate Picture

8×100×200mm tungsten copper plate is used for a high-voltage discharge tube electrode, when the high-voltage vacuum discharge tube is in operation, the contact material temperature rises by several thousand degrees Celsius in a fraction of a second, and the anti-ablative performance and high toughness of the tungsten copper are Good electrical and thermal conductivity provide the necessary conditions for the stable operation of the discharge tube.

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