Tungsten Copper Foil

Tungsten copper foil is a pseudo-alloy composed of high-melting-point high-strength tungsten and high-conductivity and heat-conducting copper. It is widely used because of its good corrosion resistance, fusion resistance, high strength and high hardness. As electrical contact materials, plasma electrode materials, military materials for high temperature use, heat sink substrates and packaging materials.

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Tungsten Copper Foil Picture

Tungsten Copper Foil Picture

In order to obtain sheets, sheets, foils, etc., and to further increase the density of materials to improve their strength and electrical and thermal conductivity, pressure processing is an effective way, but due to the poor plasticity of tungsten-copper materials, pressure processing is difficult, especially It is difficult to achieve tungsten material with high tungsten content (more than 80% tungsten content). Therefore, the tungsten copper foil is generally produced by rolling.

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